2018.... a blur

The title says it all. 2018 was a blur. I’m finally able to reflect on this year and prepare for 2019. If you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged, I spent 2018 traveling:


Most of this travel was for work, luckily I was surrounded by a great team throughout the struggle that was Windows 10. I had 6 months to complete this project for 12 offices which meant traveling to 10 offices and working over 20+ weekends. To sum up Feb - Aug, I rarely slept in my bed. Although this project consumed my life, I’m amazed at the level of engineering done to successfully complete this project in a short time. We had very few issues, the project completed on time and the team received major kudos in the end.

I managed to speak at one event in January, which I neglected to blog about with the activity going on above however I’m lining up speaking engagements for 2019!

Around this time of year, most talk about what’s being left behind or what to do better in the new year. For once I’m not doing that, although tempted. I want to ride the 2018 wave into the new year. I had so many blessings that were too much to blog about. My cup ran over with new experiences which I plan to use for future mentoring and speaking engagements. 2018 was my year to work, learn and grow silently. 2019 will start differently because I got promoted to Associate Director of End User Computing. A long title but in short I’m in charge of the engineering strategies and implementation of mobile, virtual and physical computing. I didn’t believe this would happen so quickly but as the only black woman in my organization rocking this title; I will have a lot to share in 2019.

Nicole Patton