You code, right?

No, no and no. The last piece of code I wrote was in my Junior year of college. More power to you coders out there! HTML was fun, Java was interesting but back then I never imagined coding would be the poster child for everything tech. We can't forget that technology is everywhere and there are many paths to take.  

I attend a lot of events that promote coding as the only important career path in STEM. What about the rest of us who aren't coders? We still count, right? This push towards code is very important but let's not forget there's diversity within the tech space. Infrastructure, telecommunications, system engineering & support, IT service delivery, security and app development all lead to career paths in technology. Leadership in technology is just as important, our IT managers and CIO's may do limited grunt work but play key roles in spearheading opportunity, collaboration and creativity in IT. 

I say all this to remind us that everyone has a niche in technology but we can always learn more. I defined my career by researching different types of technology, how they are used and when they are dependent upon each other. This allows me to adapt quickly to diverse environments and manage STEM teams without being the expert. Understanding the basics of various technologies is key to creating the best technology solutions. We all have skin in the game and bring something to the table. So when an IT person says "I don't code.", sit with them and ask what is your niche and the challenges you face? And for those non coders out there, we must do the same. It never hurts to reach across the aisle and learn something new :)